What is a Healthy Mouth?

At Dr. Rosenthal’s office we realize that a healthy mouth, disease free body begins with a healthy, disease free mouth. Every day more and more research discovers the connections between oral health, general systemic health, and overall well-being. To help prevent health problems including heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, poor control of blood sugar, headaches, jaw pain, and bad breath, we would like to share with you our proven standards for a healthy mouth.

Healthy Gums

  • Firm pink gum tissue
  • Freedom from bleeding/swollen gums-Healthy gums do not bleed!!!
  • Gum pockets 3mm or less
  • Freedom from plaque or calculus
  • Freedom from loose, shifting or lost teeth due to bone loss
  • Freedom from gum recession leading to exposed roots

 Healthy Teeth

  • Absence of decay or infection
  • Absence of broken, chipped or severly cracked teeth
  • Freedom from broken fillings
  • Freedom from missing teeth
  • Freedom from pain/exposed nerves

 Healthy Bite

  • Absence of crooked teeth
  • Freedom from pain or sensitivity with jaw movement
  • Freedom from chewing problems
  • Freedom from jaw pain or joint noise
  • Freedom from frequent headaches
  • Freedom from excessive or abnormal tooth wear

 General Oral Health

  • Freedom from pain or sensitivity in mouth or face
  • Freedom from bad breath
  • Freedom from oral cancer
  • Freedom from dry mouth

 Social Health*

  • Happy smile and comfortable with your smile
  • Bright smile
  • Confident smile
  • Increase in Self-Esteem

*Social health includes our self-image and how others perceive us, our intimacy and feelings of attractiveness- it’s all tied up in our appearance, and a smile is a valuable part of that. With today’s technology we at Dr. Rosenthal’s have the power to let patients choose the highest levels of social health and well-being.

The Facts Are…

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